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Results for Keyne-O 2: Ouzel Valley and the OU

Sunday 23rd April

Amble 3.0km

ncIan Byford22.51
1Awesome 2SMOC30.34
2Halle H32.02
3Team Skipton32.04
4Ewan Kane34.01
5Maisie Kane34.09
7Hilary MayOD37.35
9Waller FamilyHH41.44
10Lukas BrackenburySMOC41.46
11Trekking TwoSMOC41.52
12Timi CzirbeszSMOC45.01
14Schells - 146.12
16Team PalmerSMOC47.17
17A Jordan48.46
18Kata CzirbeszSMOC49.48
19R & D HaileyOD51.52
21Colin CurtisWAOC59.50
22Claire & Elizabeth Fletcher64.17
25Jamie Fegarty65.51
26Josh BonesLOG66.28
27Paul Fegarty67.34
29Minecraft Masters73.26
31Rainbow Team115.41

Trot 5.1km

1Adrian HarrisHH35.23
2Paul HearnHH36.33
3Catherine Curtis36.57
4Emily Bradshaw36.57
5Stephen BonesLOG37.57
ncIan ByfordHH38.01
6Mike HamptonOD39.09
7Hugh LachlanLEI40.29
8Helen NisbetSMOC41.49
9The Emerys43.06
10Mark SalmonSMOC43.18
11J & S Fletcher45.16
12Phil MayOD46.07
13Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOC48.33
14Hoopless Hiker49.09
15Hilary KaneSMOC49.15
16John WardOD49.57
17Dora Bognar51.33
18Kristina CzirbeszSMOC53.34
19Dave VartySMOC53.43
20Yvonne HodsonTVOC55.05
21Endre CzirbeszSMOC55.36
22Dave MatthewsSMOC58.48
23Heidi LloydTVOC59.57
24Reluctant Retfords62.40
25Liam Fegarty67.03
27Christopher Beaton75.35
28Team Ansell77.26
29Mike Reeves & KatrionaSMOC78.54
30Carol HillWAOC82.01
31Paul HillWAOC82.36
32Alan CoddingtonNOR91.36
33Awesome Aeschlimanns92.55
35Sue VineNOR98.16
36Golden Eagles107.07
37Team Daisy and LolaSMOC108.43
38David and Maria109.43

Run 7.1km

PositionNameClubTime taken
1Tim MustTVOC38.43
2Mark RookledgeHH40.57
3Ed JonesSMOC41.26
4Oliver TomlinsonSMOC42.54
5David ShakespeareSMOC44.41
6Freya AskhamSMOC44.55
7Matthew HardenHH45.20
8Carol EdwardsTVOC45.55
9Ian ByrneSMOC49.36
10Ian ByfordHH52.11
11Mark GloverSMOC53.53
12Tony HardenHH54.18
13Ian WellsRAFO54.34
14Martin Rouse55.17
15Graham PemberySMOC57.29
16Nick Lester59.16
17Mark ThompsonTVOC62.11
18Janet PemberySMOC64.08
19Peter RichesTVOC65.01
21Caroline LouthWAOC71.43
22Ben Mullaney77.36

Next event

Our next event is the Keyne-O at Loughton Valley on Sunday 14th May.

Organiser's Comments

Thanks to everyone who turned up and helped, plenty of helpers makes the organisers task so much easier. The day was ideal for running but it was a bit chilly early on for those helping in the shade; the late sun was very welcome.

A big thank to our team of helpers: Freya, Ian, Charles, Ed and particularly the Hopkins family: Karen, Kevin, Tamar and Isaac.

Grateful thanks to the OU for again letting use their excellent facilities.

Karen Vines

Planner's Comments

Both the longer courses visited the delights of Kents Hill which has enough parkland and intricate urban terrain to keep things interesting. While the actual controls on Run were not to challenging, to find picking the best route betwen them provided plenty enough of a challenge to judge by comments at the finish. The start of the Amble seemed to provide more of a challenge than intended. I thought the obvious route was to follow the path along the river that led directly to the control but several compertitors chose a longer and more tortuous route via the the ring road and a car park.

Thanks to all those who helped collect in the controls at the end.

Steve Hardy

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC, you can join via the British Orienteering website here.