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Holcote and Reynolds Wood

Sunday 16th November 2014

Ranking Event - Level C





BOF ranking points

Organiser's Report: Holcote and Reynold Wood has changed more than many areas over the years. It started mainly as new plantations added on to a small area of ancient woodland. Much of both the old and new woodland had a lot of undergrowth making access slow and unpleasant whilst annual changes to fences restricted route choices. Much of that has now changed for the better and I hope you enjoyed the areas challenges set by Freya who planned her first full scale event. Thanks to John for controlling and helping Freya produce courses which were well received based on comments at the finish. Not easy for him as he is no longer on the doorstep - and neither is Freya who moved during her planning which didn't help smooth preparations either. None of that was apparent on the day and well done to both of them.

Thanks are also due to the Woodland Trust who are always happy to accommodate our requests to use the area as well as to the SMOC members who helped on the day. All of these contributed to making my job as organiser an easy one.

Keith Downing

Planner's Report: To follow

Freya Askham

Controller's Report: To follow

John Shaw

String Results

Name Start Time Finish Time Total
Jacob Fisher 10:59:00 11:02:59 00:03:59
Ayla Fisher 11:00:00 11:06:56 00:06:56
Harper Hutchinson 11:01:00 11:05:36 00:04:36
Ayrton Hutchinson 11:05:00 11:14:11 00:09:11
Tamar Hopkims 11:02:00 11:05:00 00:03:00
Matthew Pembery 11:03:00 11:05:00 00:02:00
Jacob Fisher 11:07:00 11:09:39 00:02:39
Ayla Fisher 11:09:00 11:13:00 00:04:00
Jacob Fisher 11:11:00 11:13:50 00:02:50
Harper Hutchinson 11:16:00 11:19:41 00:03:41
Ayrton Hutchinson 11:22:00 11:29:17 00:07:17
Daniel Hague 11:35:00 11:37:44 00:02:44
Richard Askham 11:49:00 11:53:49 00:04:49
Isaak Hopkins 11:50:00 11:58:11 00:08:11
Alex Pembery 11:55:00 11:58:00 00:03:00
Richard Askham 11:57:00 12:01:31 00:04:31
Isaak Hopkins 12:04:00 12:06:17 00:02:17
Milly Askham 12:05:00 12:10:17 00:05:17
Milly & Harper 12:11:00 12:16:11 00:05:11
Isaak & Richard 12:17:00 12:19:39 00:02:39
Ayla Fisher 12:18:00 12:23:16 00:05:16
Jacob Fisher 12:19:00 12:21:52 00:02:52