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Bucknell and Hazelborough

Sunday 3rd March 2013

And the sun came out.





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Organiser's comments

A huge thank you to our great team, who all played an essential role in providing an interesting day's orienteering and sending everyone home safely.

Though we didn't have as many competitors as we'd have liked, largely due to a couple of competing fixtures, those who did come along seemed to enjoy the area and the challenges set by our planners. I heard lots of good comments on the quality of the courses and, although Bucknell has its critics, I think we managed to win some converts.

As well as all our volunteers, I'd like to thank the team at Charlock Stud for use of their excellent car parking facilities, and, of course, the Forestry Commission - for the forest!

Ros James

Planners' comments

When we started the process of planning back in January, some of the paths were completely impassable due to mud and we couldn't be sure things would improve given the amount of rain we've come to expect over the past year! This set us quite a challenge on the junior side of things, to come up with courses that used the best paths but kept within the guidelines for technical difficulty and length. It was this that led us to a yellow course with a cross over but in the words of our controller "why not?!"

I think that many of the competitors on the longer courses came across rather more brambles than we expected them to but this was partly due to the rather "brave" route choices some of them made! We found that large parts of the wood were quite runnable, though, unfortunately we couldn't entirely avoid some of the less attractive corners. Both of us really enjoyed planning here especially as it gave us a chance to see the woods in everything from snow to sunshine.

We were pleased with the positive feedback on the day and hope you all enjoyed the event.

Finally thanks to Neil Humphries for his efficient and timely controlling of the event.

Freya Askham and Steve Hardy