Planning courses based on the Peace Pagoda carpark presents challenges of its own with the temptation to stay in the park and run around the lake, or to mix running in the park with urban areas. I decided on the latter approach and also reduced the number of controls on all courses compared to usual to give longer legs with route choice in between for the Trot and Run. Even the Amble controls were further apart than is usually the case which meant you had to read the map more in between. Did anybody notice? It didn't seem to give anybody problems from comments at the finish. The weather on the day was superb, making a stark contrast to the wintery conditions a year earlier. A big thank you to Ed Nicholas, the British Orienteering Development Officer who presented trophies 'For Complete Keennesss' to everybody who had completed all 2011 Keyne-O events and also collected in most of the controls afterwards.

Keith Downing

Next event

This event rounded off the 2011 Keyne-O season. The 2012 series starts again on 11 March at Shenley Wood but the week before on the 4 March we have an event in Holcote and Reynold Wood near Brogborough close to Junction 13 on the M1 so easily accessible for everybody. There will be full range of courses so don't be put off by the thought that it will be too difficult, please put both dates in your diary.

Club Nights

Starting in February 2012 we will be running weekly SMOC club nights in Milton Keynes. Suitable for beginners, improvers and the more experienced. Come along to improve your orienteering and meet more club members. See here for further details.

If you are new to orienteering it is free to join SMOC as a Local member for the first year. Download a membership form here.

Amble 3.00km
1James Nisbet21.15
2Yates Boys26.30
2=Martin Arnold26.30
4Jessica, Lewis and Deb Badgery29.03
5Emma and Izzy29.30
6Rebecca Nisbet31.58
7Emily Faircloth32.18
8Conor Finan36.40
9Ros James38.10
10The Reads39.30
11Muncaster Girls41.37
12Kay and Katie Maybin42.49
13Don Nisbet44.28
14Shirley and Jake Whiterod44.40
15Jacob and Ayla Fisher45.10
16Daniel Faircloth49.13
17Holly Bishop50.00
18Milly Askham51.18
19The Arnolds and Sinfields51.46
20Chantal Helm53.43
21Colin, Lucy Ellie and Niamh Dudgeon56.59
22Freddie Dwight57.40
23William Fitzpatrick59.05
24Quinn Family60.08
25Alexander Argent67.15
26Paul Hedges and Marie da Silva69.46
27Varnica Family88.12
28Fast Donkeys92.45
29Team Luke141.00
Trot 5.00km
1Ed Jones35.35
2Alex and Graham Pembery47.18
3Alanna Walsh47.47
4James Walsh47.48
5Ian Byrne48.24
6Mark Salmon48.33
7Gill Hanson48.47
8Andy Ewens51.08
9Matthew Pembery51.46
10Francois Swiegers54.43
11Danny Hearn58.06
12John Nottingham58.10
13Steve Brown60.20
14Steve Burnett60.40
14=Dave Varty60.40
16Martin Alcock67.46
17Lois Matthews71.12
18David Easton71.36
19Tanya Lambert72.49
20Rebekah Maybin73.10
21Sofia Villers75.40
22Ian Clayton78.36
23Team Ansell88.50
24Becky and Alex93.45
25Emily Lack95.32
26Hoopless Hiker96.52
27Monika Oledzka163.00
27=Ray Chaplin163.00
29Team SandalsRetired
Run 7.50km
1Beth Hanson54.02
2Ric Brackenbury55.55
3Darren and Tracey Hazeldine57.00
4Toby Fisher66.25
5Sacha Fisher68.57
6Freya Askham70.30
7Gary Marshall77.02
8Robert Easton78.56
9Drew Varbeck83.57
10Terry Penny128.10
11Dave Matthews and Emma White182.00