Planner's Comments

After the severe weather warnings in the days before the event, it was a pleasant surprise to have a warm dry day with the sun putting on brief displays. The rain and thunder held off until everything had been cleared away.
The forest park is ideal for introductory events as it provides a relatively safe area with clear boundaries and tracks to help beginners but also having enough contour detail to provide an introduction into the more technical aspects of the sport. The range of control features is typical of ones you will encounter at events anywhere between Milton Keynes and Spain or South Africa, although the challenges may well be tougher and more complex.
It was good to see beginners all stayed clear of the short, easy course and succeeded to find their way around the more technical or longer course - even if somebody (Simon!) did manage to miss one control and Richard returned to mark up the control he had missed off his map. In answer to Beverley and Gary's question, missing the control altogether is sufficient grounds for disqualification, whilst returning to the start is within the rules but did make the course much longer!
I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and we shall see you again soon.

Keith Downing

Forest of Marston Vale Try Orienteering
on 15th July

Short Easy Course
No entries
Short Technical Course
Beverley and Gary Ind 18.40
Oliver Tomlinson SMOC 26.55
Rosie Shaw SMOC 42.50
Stan Holroyd SMOC 55.30
Jacqui Brindle SMOC 58.30
Simon Brindle and family SMOC 65.00 mp
Richard May-Miller Ind 82.00
Long Course
Roger Williams SMOC 34.30
Colvine Ind 41.00
Neil Carter SMOC 42.20
Wendy Kent SMOC 65.00
Alec Maldar SMOC 87.00
Dannie and Luke Ind 82.00
Luke Simpson Ind 85.00
Jane and John Ind 86.00
Nick, Karen and Frankie Ind 87.35
Jean Sampson +2 Ind 88.25
Simpson family Ind 102.00