Planner's Comments

After all the rain, it was good to be able to sit outside for the event in hot sunshine. The Forest Centre is a great place to try the sport, with a few difficult control sites to enable some challenging courses to be set, but enough paths for short courses.
Sorry if anybody's name is spelled wrongly and if you think your time is wrong, please let me know and I'll recheck it.
I hope you all enjoyed your run, and we shall see you again at the next event in Buckingham on 8 July or you can try again on the same courses at Marston Vale on 14 July. Some of you will of course be at the Greensand Ridge Relays as well.

Keith Downing

Forest of Marston Vale on 3rd June

1 Paul and Jane Munn 23:00
2 Rebecca Nisbet 28.00
3 Trevor Heal 41.30
4 Rebecca and Charlie Tippett 42.35
5 Thomas, John and Fiona 58.55
6 Wilkes family 64.40
1 Ric Brackenbury 29.30
2 Steve Hardy 30.35
3 Karen Vines 36.15
4 Mark Stead 55.00
5 Larkum family retired
Light Green
1 Mark Stead 32.46
2 Rebecca Tippett 41.02
3 Benedict Heal 50.00
4 Scott family 58.20
5 Ruddock family 117.00
1 Oliver Tomlinson 50.15
2 Paul, Christine, Allan and Ethan 56.20
3 Robert Dove 58.10
1 Jason Falconer 72.10
2 James Wager 78.40