Sunday 30 October 2005
Controller's Comments
It was good to see new faces who are keen to try again, and several even had two runs today.
This was an old style event using master maps, pin punching and a map printed and surveyed 18 months ago. The area has been used only once before but like all areas, it has changed over time, something we tend to forget these days with computer printed maps updated for each event. Vegetation changes continued right up to the week before the event with new scrub clearing being carried out.
Thanks to Jason and his DMU colleagues for agreeing to put on the event and to John for his hard work before hand.
Keith Downing (SMOC)
Organiser's Comments
Great to see lots of competitors out on a true Autumnal Day at the start of the Season. John, Keith and I were happy that participant numbers were up to expected for this sort of grass roots event, and that there were lots of enthusiastic helpers too. From a personal perspective seeing all the preparation and cross checking essential to a successful event was surprising, and only for a local event too! On the day we had a couple of unseen vandalism 'opportunities' but these didn't detract from the enjoyment of the day - well done to all runners, thanks to all involved.
Jason Falconer (SMOC)
Name Club Class Time
Length: 1.2km Climb: 10m
Tom Pownall SMOC M10 8.00
Jonathon Pownall SMOC M7 12.02
James Nisbet SMOC M6 12.31
Peter Errington HH M6 14.25
Owen Hewett Ind M7 18.13
J Tompkins +1 Ind - 18.33
Adam O'Hara Ind M7 19.58
K de Blāca Ind W21 20.00
Rebecca Nisbet SMOC W4 20.26
D+T O'Hara Ind M3+5 21.04
William Fitzpatrick SMOC M4 21.50
Rebicca Meybin Ind - 27.00
--------------------------------- White Standard ----------------------------
Length: 1.7km Climb: 20m
Owen Hewett Ind M7 12.33
Tom Pownall SMOC M10 15.26
Price Girls SMOC W12 18.16
Lucie Hewett Ind W12 18.50
Morton Family Ind - 20.07
Jon Pownall +1 SMOC M7 23.10
Sheehan Ind W14+M50 24.55
----------------------------------- Yellow Standard ----------------------------
Length: 2.2km Climb: 15m
Malcolm Family Ind - 28.13
Wendy Kent SMOC W45 29.25
Janina Pownall SMOC - 38.29
Lucie Hewitt Ind W12 39.45
Alec Maldar SMOC M45 40.33
Anon - - 52.57
----------------------------------------------- Orange Standard ----------------------------
N Hudson TVOC W45 62.37
J Hudson TVOC W12 66.33
Length: 3.1km Climb: 30m
Simon Errington HH M40 27.16
Helen Errington HH W40 28.03
James Waidger Ind M21 32.33
Steve Hardy SMOC M50 33.46
R O'Hara Ind M35 36.13
John Lewis SMOC M65 37.45 n/c
M Misson WAOC M35 37.49
C Galvin LOK W40 38.28
Karen Vines SMOC W40 40.45
Tullus SLOW M50 46.30
----------------------------------- Light Green Standard ----------------------------
S Hudson TVOC M45 54.36
C O'Hara Ind W35 51.12
Harrison Family Ind - 64.36
Karen Kear SMOC W45 74.20
Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W70 77.32