Club Nights

Here is some information about the next few club nights. Sessions will normally run from 7:00 to about 8:30. Please ensure you have suitable footwear and dress appropriately for the conditions. Weather permitting we will always head outside If the weather looks likely to be appalling we will have a backup indoor option - check the website if this seems a possibiity. Complete beginners are welcome - don't worry if you don't understand what the session is about we can provide a gentle introduction whatever else we are doing.General Information.

Date Location Details
Thursday September 10th 2015 CHANGE OF VENUE now Great Linford - meet at 23 High Street. Physical Session - suitable for anyone who can keep running for 30 minutes at any speed. There will be a chance for faster runners to show their paces. Please be there for a 7:15 start, light is less of an issue when running - email me if you might be late and we will wait or I'll let you know how to find us. Refreshments availabe post run.

For further information please email Steve Hardy

There will be a 2 charge for adults, 1 for U18s and fulltime students with a 1 surcharge for non-members