Milton Keynes Urban

Sunday 25th September 2022

Milton Keynes Urban

Sunday 25th September 2022

Final details

This year's MK Urban will take place in Campbell Park and the surrounding residential estates. A typical MK mix of residential and parkland. Junior courses will be entirely within the bounds of Campbell Park.

Campbell Park hosted British Sprint Championships in 2017. The terrain includes intricate path networks in landscaped areas with iconic sculptures, and a few contours to contend with.

Assembly will be on the events plateau in the west part of Campbell Park, across the road from MK Theatre.


Entries will remain open via Fabian4 until the day before the event, although entry for individual courses will close once capacity is reached. There will be entry on the day, but subject to map availability Ė so if you want to be sure of running a specific course, please enter in advance.

Current on-line entry costs:

Location and Parking

We are requesting that people park in the various leisure and shopping facilities to the west of V8 Marlborough Street to avoid having to enter the competition area to get to assembly. For example, the new Centre:MK car park off Marlborough Gate (MK9 3EP) or Xscape (MK9 3XS) at the south end of Marlborough Gate. For further options please see here.

When making your way to assembly please take care crossing roads, and please enter the park using the footbridge at the eastern end of Midsummer Boulevard to avoid crossing the competition area. What3words: football.joys.helpers. Assembly will be on the events plateau in the west part of Campbell Park, across the road from MK Theatre. What3words: radiates.charging.infants. Temporary toilet facilities will be available near assembly.

A tent will be available for storing competitors' bags, although any bags are left at the owner's risk.

The start is located approximately 500m from assembly, and the finish is next to assembly.

Public transport

Milton Keynes Central is on the West Coast Main Line and is well served by trains from London Euston and the North. There is frequent bus service from the railway station and other towns to the shopping centre 5 minutes walk from Campbell Park


Start times will be between 10:30am and 12:30pm. The following start time blocks have been allocated:

Please try to start within the start time block you chose when you entered.

Courses close at 2:30pm. Please consider this when choosing a start time.

As always, don't forget to download, even if you retire.


If you are taking part in the SEOUL league you need to enter the correct course for your age category. Otherwise adults are welcome to choose any course they like, and under 16s can choose between courses 6 and 7 (due to unsupervised road crossings under 16s cannot enter courses 1 to 5). Distances given are what you can expect to run / walk based on direct route choices. The distances, climb and number of controls given are provisional and may change after final controlling.

CourseSEOUL category Optimal distanceClimbControls
1 Menís Open (M18-35) 9.2km95m 24
2 Veteran Men (M40+), Womenís Open (W18-35) 8.5km75m 25
3 Super Veteran Men (M55+), Veteran Women (W40+) 7.2km80m 23
4 Ultra Veteran Men (M65+), Super Veteran Women (W55+) 5.6km75m 15
5 Hyper Veteran Men (M75+), Ultra Veteran Women (W65+), Hyper Veteran Women (W75+)4.2km70m 14
6 Junior Men (M16-), Junior Women (W16-) 3.8km60m 16
7 Young Junior Men (M12-), Young Junior Women (W12-) 2.5km45m 15

Terrain and Map

The terrain is a mix of open park, small pockets of woodland, and classic urban running.

Map: 1:5,000 A3 (courses 1-5) and A4 (courses 6-7). Mapped to ISSprOM (Sprint) standard.

Control descriptions will be printed on the map, and loose control descriptions will be available in the start lanes.

Electronic (SI) controls will be used, with contactless punching enabled. Punching start and finish.

Planners comments

The Milton Keynes grid roads have heavy and fast-moving traffic. They are marked as out of bounds on the map. Do not attempt to cross any road marked out of bounds other than by the underpasses or bridges marked on the map. Traffic on other roads is generally light.

All courses have possible routes along some of the Milton Keynes redways. These redways are used by pedestrians, cyclists, the odd horse and electric scooters. Please be careful of the fast-moving bikes and scooters, and be courteous to all users.

Some of the alleys behind houses are narrow, intersecting at right angles. Please be careful when going round corners to give space to people who may be travelling in the opposite direction.

All courses finish uphill through Campbell Park, so save some energy for the end!

Other Information

Dog rules: please keep dogs on leads at all times around the assembly area. Dogs are not allowed to accompany competitors on courses, except courses 6 and 7, where they are permitted if kept on leads and under close control.


Full results will be published on


Orienteering is an adventure sport. You take part at your own risk and are responsible for your own safety.

A full risk assessment has been carried out.

Please take extra care to be courteous to other competitors and members of the public at all times.

Competitors under 16 may only enter junior courses (6 and 7). This is an insurance requirement. Course 6 crosses one minor road where traffic will be very light and slow-moving. Course 7 does not cross any roads. Parents and carers - please warn juniors that they should not cross any major roads.


Organiser: Ed Jones

Planner: Sandra Mather

Controller: Freya Askham (SMOC)

Extreme weather

In case of extreme weather on the day of the event please check the event is still on at

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC you can join online via the BOF website here.