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Aspley Heath

Sunday 15 March 2020
EAOA CompassSport Cup and Trophy Heat


The EAOA CompassSport Cup Heat will be held at Aspley Heath, near the village of Woburn Sands. This is a delightful area of mainly fast, runnable woodland with man-made features ranging from an iron-age hill fort to recent mining.

Entry details have now been sent to Club Captains. Entry for beginner and intermediate courses only (White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green) will be available on the day subject to participant numbers.


Aspley Heath is mainly runnable woodland on sandy, well-drained soil. Human activity has left numerous contour features, including an iron-age hillfort, and various quarrying and mining remnants. Several of the resulting slopes are steep, but none is precipitous. Extensive bracken is expected to be at its lowest ebb at the time of the event. There are areas of rhododendron thicket which present entertaining navigational challenges, and some areas of dense planting and gorse thicket, which are best avoided. Brambles are - by Midlands standards - rare. Recent forestry work has left extensive networks of rides, which will be mapped using ISOM 2017 runnability conventions.

The area is extensively used by mountain bikes, dog walkers, and horse riders.

Competitors are allowed dogs in the parking area. Please email the organiser if your dog would like to run your course with you.

Aspley Heath is private land. Many thanks to Bedford Estates for permission to use the woods.

Entries and Registration

Please contact your Club Captain for details of how to enter. Entry on the day (EOD) will only be available for the beginner and intermediate (White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green) courses. There is a strict cap on participant numbers which may mean that EOD is limited or unavailable.

Advance entry EOD
Seniors MW21 and over £12 N/A
Juniors up to MW20 and students £5 N/A
White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses (team or individual, any age) N/A £5
Extra maps (subject to availability) £1
SI card hire£1£1


Car parking, enquiries, registration and toilets will be at Milton Keynes Irish Centre, Watling Street, MK2 2HX.

By car: navigate to the roundabout where the A4146 meets the A5, follow signs to Fenny Stratford, and turn left after 500m at the signs marking the Irish Centre and Bletchley Rugby Club.

By public transport: the centre is 2.4km walk from Bletchley Railway Station, or 3km by taxi. The taxi fare should be £4-£5. It's possible to get a number 1 or number 5 bus to take you about half the way, but the likely waiting time is at least equal to the time that you would save.

There will be a minibus shuttle to the forest. Please don't let this deter you from entering. The ride is short and the buses will be frequent. Total waiting, travel and walking time to the start is planned to be 20 minutes or less.


A4 Waterproof paper, 1:10,000, 5m contours.

ISOM 2017 symbols will be used. Control descriptions will use the 2018 specification.

If you are new to orienteering, visit the Maprunner site for handy guides to mapping and control descriptions.

Punch type

SportIdent punching will be used. SIAC contactless punching will not be enabled. SI card hire: £1. Lost SI cards will incur a £30 replacement charge.


Organiser:  Freya Askham (SMOC)

Planner: Dorien James (SMOC)

Controller: Mike Capper (WAOC)


Registration and Enquiries will be open from 10:00-12:00. The first bus will leave at 10:10 or when it fills up, whichever comes first. Pre-entered competitors with their own dibbers can get straight on the bus, no need to visit Registration. Buses will continue to take everyone who was in the bus queue by 12:00.


There is one start, roughly 150m from the bus drop-off. Clothing and bags can be left at the drop-off.

Control descriptions will be available in the start lanes. IOF pictorial control descriptions will be used for all courses.


Return buses leave about 150m from the Finish. Courses close at 14:15, and the last bus will leave at 14:20. You MUST report to download.


CS Class CompassSport Course Distance (km) BOF Age Classes
1 Brown 9.4 Men Open
2 Short Brown 7.6 M20- M40+
3 Blue Women 6.2 Women Open
4 Blue Men 6.2 M50+
5 Green Women 4.3 W20- W45+
6 Green Men 4.3 M60+
7 Veterans Short Green 3.6 M70+ W60+
8A Junior Men (Green) 4.3 Men 18-
8B Junior Women (Short Green) 3.6 Women 18-
9A Orange Men 2.8 Men 14-
9B Orange Women 2.8 Women 14-
10 Super Veterans Short Green 3.1 M80+ W70+

Entry on the Day beginner courses

Light Green 3.3 Adult improvers

Orange 2.8 Experienced youngsters, adult novices

Yellow 2.4 Confident youngsters

White 1.5 Young beginners