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Sunday 7 April 2019
Regional Color Coded and East Anglia League Event


SMOC's next major event will be held at Salcey Forest. Salcey is an ancient woodland, a remnant of the medieval hunting forest. A full range of color coded courses (white to brown) will be provided. The event will be the third round of the East Anglia League.

Keyne-O regulars will find that the Yellow course is similar to an Amble, with the Orange more like a Trot, although both are shorter. Email the organiser, or talk to the Registration team on the day, if you would like advice on which course to run.


Salcey provides a wide variety of forest types, from delightful to jungle. Courses aim to keep to areas of run and slow run; however, local density can vary rapidly, and the ability to read forest conditions will be an advantage. The area is almost level, with a slope averaging about 1% towards the south east, but hill-forts, ditches, charcoal pits and military installations have left a range of local physical features.

Competitors are allowed dogs in the parking area and on course.

Many areas involve dodging trees with low, thin branches; arm cover and eye protection are advisable but not mandatory.

Many thanks to the Forestry Commission for their assistance in organising this event.

Entries and Registration

Online entries are available via Fabian4.

Online EOD
Seniors MW21 and over £10 £12
Juniors up to MW20 and students £4 £5
White, Yellow and Orange courses (team or individual, any age) £4 £5
Extra maps (subject to availability) £1
SI card hire£1£1


Car parking, enquiries and registration will be at the Forestry Commission overflow car park. There will be a charge of £4 per car, payable by card only.

By car: from M1 junction 15, follow the A45 towards Northampton. Leave at the second exit after 1.5km with a green sign to Collingtree Park (not the first exit with a white sign to Collingtree). At successive roundabouts, go left, then straight across, then right. Follow the road for 5km to the forest. The main car park is signposted on the left; ignore this and continue 200m to the overflow on the right.

By public transport: You may be best trying to get a lift. The nearest stations are around 12km away at Northampton and Wolverton. The bus serving nearby villages doesn't run on Sundays.


A4 Waterproof paper, 1:10,000, 5m contours, ISOM 2017 symbols.

If you are new to orienteering, visit the Maprunner site for handy guides to mapping and control descriptions.

The map has been updated based on use of Environment Agency LIDAR to confirm physical features, with a full remapping of runnability by Dorien James, Steve Hardy and Kevin Hopkins. Salcey's complex network of ditches has been mapped in full using the "seasonal watercourse" symbol. All ditches visible on the ground have been mapped; any attempt to define a minimum depth would, we decided, lead to confusion as similar ditches fell on different sides of the cutoff. Runnability is shown as an average for the area. In many cases "Slow Run" would be more accurately described as "Run with scattered Walk". Do not try to navigate using changes in runnability unless a distinct vegetation boundary is marked.

Punch type

SportIdent punching will be used. SI card hire: £1. Lost SI cards will incur a £30 replacement charge.


Registration and Enquiries will be open from 10:00-12:00.


There is one start, roughly 300m from the car park. The walk to the start (and back from the finish) crosses two roads, which will be marshalled. Please obey marshal's instructions.

Control descriptions will be available in the start lanes. IOF pictorial control descriptions will be used for all courses.

Start times will not be allocated. Start will close at 12:30.


Public toilets are available at the Forest Centre about 250m from the car park. The walk to the toilets crosses the public car park. This will not be marshalled; please accompany juniors if necessary.


A full range of courses will be available, from very short and easy, to very long and hard. Help, including advice on choice of course, will be available for those new to orienteering.

Blue and Brown courses cross a fast road. Any entrant who will be under 16 on the day of the race should contact the organiser regarding arrangements for safe passage.

The EAL column shows the standard East Anglia League course for the age class. EAL rules, including scoring for running up or running down, can be found on the EAOA website.

Course DistanceEAL Age groupDifficulty
White 1.7 km very easy, suitable for young beginners
Yellow 2.4 km M10, W10 easy, suitable for confident youngsters
Orange 2.7 km M12, W12 suitable for adult novices and improving youngsters
Light Green3.0 km M14, W14 suitable for confident novices
Very Short Green2.5 kmM80, M85, W75, W80, W85suitable for experienced orienteers not wanting distance
Short Green3.4 km M75, W65, W70suitable for experienced orienteers not wanting distance
Green 4.4 km M65, M70, W16, W18, W20, W45, W50, W55, W60suitable for experienced orienteers
Blue 6.0 km M16, M18, M20, M45, M50, M55, M60, W21, W35, W40suitable for experienced orienteers
Brown 7.9 km M21, M35, M40 suitable for experienced orienteers


Organiser: Dorien James

Planner: Kevin Hopkins

Controller: Mike Capper (WAOC)


As always our events can't take place without our volunteers. SMOC helpers will get half price entry; if you can help, please email Dorien to get your half price helper code.

Joining SMOC

If you are new to orienteering and wish to join SMOC you can join online via the BOF website here.